Date: 6th October 2014 at 8:37pm
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Manager Gary Johnson has said that Ben Nugent was deservedly sent off in the game against MK Dons at the weekend and unfortunately for us that was the turning point in the game.

Speaking to the Western Gazette whilst the gaffer had to admit he couldn’t quibble with the double yellow, and Nugent leaving the pitch had a massive effect on the momentum of the game, he wasn’t happy with the inconsistent nature of the referee.

‘I think we were in it at that point, we weren’t particularly playing well offensively but you have to stop an MK Dons team in their pattern. We kept up with all those things but the referee was a little fussy and the game was even, I thought. We had the first two or three chances but shot ourselves in the foot and made a mistake, the mistake was for the lad to get sent off.’

Johnson goes on to say that it ‘was a sending off’ and each of the yellow cards was deserved and justified so he had no problems on that particular count, but what he did have a problem with was the referees consistency because on the two footed challenge from Tom Flanagan he believes should’ve been an instant red, because they usually are.

‘We don’t seem to get decisions that are 50/50, I’ve been saying that for two to three seasons. It could’ve been a red. I’m fed up of sending videos to the FA asking for them to look at incidents, when all they do is write back to tell me they agree with the referee – it’s a pointless exercise.’

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