Date: 13th December 2013 at 11:07pm
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Manager Gary Johnson has said that should Yeovil manage to secure our Championship safety this season, we really need to grow the club off the pitch so we can challenge at this level.

Speaking to the BBC Johnson talked about Yeovil’s need to play ‘catch up’ with off pitch revenues, income streams and so on in order to maximise our budgets to compete at this level because it’s no great secret in the press that we have one of the smallest budgets in the second tier of football, and most of the media put that at about £1million and whilst the growth of the club over the last ten years has been fantastic, the manager knows the long term future of the club won’t just be determined by what we do over 90 minutes once or twice a week.

‘If we stay in the Championship, we can’t always be scrimping and scraping for things other club’s take for granted. I just don’t think we’re catching up quick enough.’

Johnson isn’t necessarily criticising the club, that would be daft, all he’s doing is identifying what everybody appreciates we need to look at. The report itself goes on to talk about the fact we borrow facilities from local schools, and are waiting on permission (3 years) to build the retail development proposed on our old training ground, which would obviously provide a great additional revenue stream.

‘Everyone tries really hard but we’ve got to start catching up. I’m talking about upgrading everything. You’ve got to make sure the training ground is right, the pitch is right, along with the hotels they stay in, the fans are comfortable, the players are comfortable, especially if you’re bringing them in from the Premier League.’

Adding young talent to the squad from the top division has been something we’ve done well so far this season, two from Everton, former West Bromwich Albion player Ishmael Miller and one way we can be competitive at this level without the associated overheards of a playing staff is by sensibly using loans and of course we stand a better chance of tempting youngsters and/or established but currently non first team talent, is by having appropriate facilities to entice them.

However clearly the gaffer will also know that maintaining our Championship status, the upturn in finances that will bring along with TV money, revenue from Cup competitions and so on, is also key for us upgrading the off pitch issues he identifies, whilst we wait for additional revenue streams to be maximised in the meantime.

Of course, there is a silver lining hidden within his words. We are competing fantastically given our stature in the league, and if we can pull a few more results out we will be safe as long as we maintain that form. Our improvement as the weeks have gone on has been good and there’s nothing quite like a manager reducing pressure on their players is there.