Date: 12th October 2014 at 5:10pm
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Manager Gary Johnson has said that Yeovil are currently in the battle against relegation following another disappointing loss, this time four one to Port Vale.

Speaking to the Western Gazette following the defeat that saw us plunge into the bottom four league places, Johnson knows that our current form isn’t good enough, and that we are well in the mix unless we can turn things around and turn them around quickly and he admits everybody has to take a long hard look in the mirror at the moment.

‘We have got to reassess what we’re doing what’s been done in the past if it’s going to be done in the future. We were poor. We have had a lot of meetings, training sessions and done a lot of work on the training ground but it doesn’t seem to be sinking in.’

Johnson goes on to say that he has to be open enough to the fact that it’s not the coaching staff and himself doing the right things, or getting the message over appropriately enough for it to sink in, so everything has to be looked at to turn this around – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t expect the players to take a long hard look at themselves either.

‘It’s a team now that’s in a relegation battle – we’re looking at that group of teams.’

Johnson also went on to say that the problems we are having on the pitch can’t be laid at the doors of finances or the gap we have on other teams because it’s the simple and basic things in football that are undoing us at the moment.

‘The chairman said it’s the biggest budget we’ve had in League One, it’s near the top five and I’m sure Port Vale is around about ours, but that’s no excuse – not now. Some of the players that are not performing are the ones on high money and they are letting us down, which is disappointing.’

The manager goes on to admit this is the toughest time he’s had at the club, but with the knowledge it’s not finances holding us back at the minute it just proves they need to look at how we are doing things, assess it, and now get it right because this form cannot continue.

In further interviews following the game Johnson absolved on loan keeper Jake Kean from blame, saying he doesn’t feel he could’ve done too much about the goals we conceded but he did barb if money would allow he’d be looking at loaning 11 people in such was his frustration and disappointment about our desire and attitude in the game.

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